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I am a very insightful and intuitive person and have always thought that was due to my Scorpio moon conjunct my vertex, but I noticed I also have my Leo Sun and Leo Mercury both parallel my Libra Pluto. How could that be perceived in my natal chart? Any thoughts you have on this would be appreciated. The Zodiac includes the band of sky above and below the ecliptic.

This is easy to see in the night sky: the next time two planets are conjunct and visible at night, go outside and take a look at them.

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An excellent example occurred with the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. Even though the Ephemeris said that they were exactly conjunct, when you looked at them in the sky, they were several degrees apart from each other. Because they were at different latitudes.

Two planets at the same latitude or declination e. Planets at the same degree of latitude or declination but in opposite directions e. They are at the same declination but in opposite hemispheres and thus they are considered contraparallel.

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This is usually interpreted very similarly to the opposition. Our tools offer a very simple way to view the Parallel and Contraparallels in your chart without needing to calculate them by hand.

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For birth charts, we use an orb of 1, while for synastry charts we use a tighter orb of 0. See their synastry chart in full here. Here are their declinations:. In their own personal charts, both of these planets fall into the sign of Sagittarius making this a point of strong resonance with both of them.

The parallel amplifies the effect of the conjunction.

This offers a starting point for the interpretation of parallels and contraparallels in charts. I hope this feature will be useful to you! Create your free, personalized, and highly customizable birth chart natal chart by filling in the form below.

Your birth chart declinations will look something like this: You can also view declinations, parallels and contraparallels within a Synastry chart with our synastry tool. Take a look at this graphic to visualize this concept: As you see, the black line is the equator, and the red line is the path of the ecliptic on which the zodiac lies and the Sun travels through. So how does Astrology use Declinations?


How are Declinations used in Synastry? Create Your Birth Chart Create your free, personalized, and highly customizable birth chart natal chart by filling in the form below.

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